Product:  Prime Time Reality TV Show – mature subject matter
Audience:  Adults 18+
Genre:  Formula – Character driven Reality TV Show
Episodes:  13 x 60 min. multi-season
Exec. Producers:  Mark Crump (706-832-5467) and James Callahan (352-348-7045)
Production:  Reflecting Pool Productions www.reflectingpoolproductions.com

Whether you watched Oprah’s interviews with swingers, even seen a few episodes of Discovery’s Secret Sex Lives: Swingers, late night premium channel specials, or you caught one of the many prime time dramas featuring swingers, there is no denying it – the lifestyle is the new “it” subject.

In truth, this country is jam packed with millions of potential viewers who are either currently active or were at one point in their lives, “lifestylers.” Everyday, thousands of soccer moms and dads secretly meet other couples on one of the many online swing sites, and then attend lavish takeovers where they can discreetly indulge their fantasies. Whether it is a private house party, a cruise ship takeover, a hotel takeover, or an entire casino convention, every party is high risk and has high stakes. It can run from thousands, to millions of dollars to run a single party.  There’s no denying it- swinging is big business, and business is good.

Now meet the Kingz of Swing.  James Callahan and his cast mates own and operate one of the few “on premise” club and hotel combos dedicated to the lifestyle. They are affiliated with two of the largest names in the swinging community- Hedonism II, in Jamaica. Between James’ “Hedo Events” parties, swinging conventions, and trips to Hedonism in Jamaica, millions of dollars are at stake. Every formulated episode will tackle a new dilemma centering on a subject America can’t get enough of.  James is an outgoing, self-made entrepreneur (he was a homeless street kid at 16) who has risen to the cream of the crop in the swinging community (he now runs a multimillion dollar operation and is only 35). His fellow King is Harry, the retired stockbroker, who purchased Hedonism II in Jamaica for $30 million, is putting it through a $10 million facelift.  In every episode you will enjoy watching how they juggle all of the characters around them to bring a new party to life.  Bring in a menagerie of adult film stars who are friends with the “Kingz” (Amber Lynn Bach, Peter Smith, Ron Jeremy, for starters), throw in a few high dollar trips to exclusive strip clubs for business deals in expensive VIP areas, and you have a melting pot of story lines and characters no audience can get enough of.  This isn’t the seedy underbelly of the lifestyle, but the high stakes, high rolling maneuvers of the movers and shakers!

This show is assured multi-seasonal longevity since the parties will only get bigger and more extreme as the episodes go by. It’s the perfect guilty pleasure for audiences from all walks of life who have an interest in anything related to sex that is portrayed in a POSITIVE way while satiating the need for Drama. Kingz of Swing will be the most informative, eye opening, and entertaining show to hit the reality genre in years!