Dale Neal

Production Designer

As owner of Twisted Imagination Fx studio Dale is a talented make-up artist who has worked for 5 years producing make-up special effects in a variety of genres. His carpentry and manufacturing skills have brought sets to life with some truly unique ideas involving movement and precision construction. His work has been featured on AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, The Concentrics Show and a variety of other productions. He has earned the respect of celebrities in the special effects community such Roy Wooley and R.J. Haddy from Sci-Fi channel’s Face-Off.  In addition to his creative side Dale has also proven to be a hard-working set of hands as a grip and assistant camera, knowing his way around a grip truck when it comes to filming on location. With all the excitement behind the camera, Dale enjoys working in front of the camera as well doing background extra roles in several tv shows and movies.  He is married to his very supportive wife Heather who never shys away from a chance to help her hubby on set.