Location Procurement Services

Reflecting Pool Productions (RPP) provides location procurement services in the Augusta area and in the surrounding counties for your filming needs. Since the staff at RPP have lived in the Augusta area for decades, they have an intimate knowledge of excellent filming locations to match your scene needs. Once you have selected a filming location, the RPP staff can ensure that necessary coordination is done prior to your arrival. RPP maintains a close relationships with local government agencies and will be able to handle permitting and licensing issues for your filming needs, ensuring a “turn key” operation for filming in the Augusta area.

Other coordinating services that the RPP staff can assist you with are:

– production crew lodging needs,
– catering/film craft services coordination,
– serving as liaison with potential filming site owners and your production staff, and
– locating studio or warehouse space for small set filming.

RPP staff can meet with you in person or via Skype to help create a detailed plan for your production needs.
Here is a just small sample of what is in the area from which you can choose.