Wedding Videos

Reflecting Pool Productions has produced a number of wedding videos following a reality TV show format.  We don’t just get the snippets of the cliché moments every other company will get you, we make the video a self contained movie of your special day!  We start from the moment you hit the ground, all the way until you leave for your honeymoon. We let you relive the day from both sides of the aisle.   As a couple you will be able to see what pranks the groom’s party played on each other, and what fun the bridesmaids had so you can laugh about it together, and with family and friends!  Everything will be mixed down to the music selections of your choosing and compiled as a movie about the best day of your life!

“We couldn’t imaging a more creative video that captured our personalities and love for each other. We watch it all the time just to laugh and cry!”

-M. Metzler